Why do bongs get you higher?

There has been and always will be heavy debate regarding the best way to smoke your herb. While it is true that each method has its benefits, I think we can all agree that if you want to take your sesh to outer space, the bong is the way to go.

But why do bongs get you higher?

 Let’s take a closer look at the lovely pieces formerly known as, "water pipes", and see if we can get to the bottom of it.


There’s one thing that we’re going to clear up right off the bat. Contrary to the beliefs of some blog post and message board “cannabis experts” that I have come across, bongs are not these arcane devices that magically increase the THC (the psychoactive chemical in marijuana) content of smoke. I mean they’re amazing, but let’s settle down a bit. In fact, there was a study done in 2000 by cannabis advocacy group, CA-NORML, demonstrating that bong smoke, by volume, contains no more THC than smoke from a joint. But then why does a bong hit get you so much more ripped than a hit from that joint? (Keep in mind I said, “by volume”)


            To answer this question, we must start by looking at what the purpose of using a bong is, rather than just dry hitting your herb. When you draw smoke from the bowl piece, through the water, through the chamber, and into your body and lungs, there is a lot going on with that smoke. The first thing many classy glass bongs connoisseurs will point out is that the water is filtering out many of the toxicants created by lighting a plant on fire. It is widely believed that around 90% of toxins are removed during percolation. The less tar and ash entering your mouth and lungs, the easier it is going to be to inhale that smoke.


            Another reason bongs are so popular is because of the cooling effect created by the smoke passing through the water. Newsflash: smoke is hot. In bongs, the temperature of the smoke immediately dips as it hits the water. In addition, many bongs have diffused down stems and/or extra perks that separates the smoke thus cooling it more. Combine that with their often large chambers the smoke must travel through, and that smoke is as cool as a cucumber by the time it gets to you. The cooler the smoke, the smoother the hit. The smoother the hit, the deeper the inhale and more smoke one can handle.

            This is where that term, “by volume” I told you to keep in mind comes into play. With the filtration of toxins and ability to drastically cool down the smoke, bongs allow you to take giant hits that just aren’t possible with other methods of smoking. So, why do bongs get you higher? Simply put, volume.

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